Monday, June 29, 2015

Defend the Family, not the straight dude.

I defend traditional marriage.  I know what most of you are thinking already, but this post is not going to talk about homosexuality.  I address this post to all the hate filled hypocrites who have so rudely filled up my Facebook feed.  I try to avoid such boldness normally, but since you are so bold against gay marriage, I will be bold against all sins that are degrading the family.

1. If you are a heterosexual living with your partner, but are not legally bound as husband and wife, you are sinning and need to repent.  

2. If you are sexually active and not married, you are sinning and need to repent.

3. If you are married, but look lustfully at other people that are not your spouse, you are sinning severely, and need to repent.

4. If you, in your marriage, are able to have children, but make the decision to not have children, or with no search for revelation make a decision to have just one child because it will be less of a burden for you, then you are undermining the very purpose of the marriage institution, and you are going against God’s will, which is also known as sinning, and you need to repent.

If you want to defend the family, then defend it.  But please know what that entails.  Many have adopted ignorantly the title of defender of the family, but they are actually just a hater of the homosexual.  I cringe every time I see your posts on Facebook, because when the homosexual community tells me that people who share my views, or even people of my own creed and faith, are bigots and hateful, I can only agree with them.  We often make the debate to be pro-gay marriage, or anti-gay marriage, but I take no side on that issue.  I AM PRO FAMILY and I am against everything that puts family values in jeopardy.  What are the family values? Read them in The Family: A Proclamation to the World.  Don’t stop when it says “between a man and a woman” but continue.  Read about the gravity of sexual relations outside of marriage, read about the love and respect that MUST exist in a marriage and even more importantly the loyalty.  Don’t become an anti-gay expert, become a pro-family expert, and please think before you post things on Facebook.  You make us all look bad.

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