Monday, May 16, 2016

How to vote in 2016

I share everyone's concern as we near the 2016 Presidential election.  A Trump v. Clinton election is terrifying, but let's face the reality.  Even with a good, upstanding candidate, there isn't a lot a president can really do.  Congress is not passing anything, our government is just sitting there depositing our checks with empty promises.  So how can you really make a difference in 2016? How about exercising your right to vote in the checkout line at the grocery store.  Every dollar you spend is a vote for the direction of American commerce and buying whole foods and plant based foods is voting to change America.  Here's how!

1.) Healthcare: Billions of dollars are spent by the government each year on healthcare.  We can't just let people die in the streets so it's a complicated issue! How about we learn how to prevent our health problems in the first place! On a whole foods plant based diet we can nearly eliminate heart disease, diabetes, obesity (which is connected to thousands of other illnesses), osteoporosis, arthritis, and even a vast majority of cancer.  

2.) Economy: Americans are right that we need to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour.... IF WE ARE SUSTAINING OUR LIFESTYLE.  Why don't we consider a lifestyle change as a viable option? We need $15 an hour to buy fast food three times a day, to eat McDonald's breakfast all day, and to purchase Milk and beef!  But you probably could live on $5 an hour if you realized that a $2 bag of potatoes is all we really need to survive! Stop eating out so much, and stop eating expensive health threatening foods.  Vegetables are more expensive, but they aren't the staple we need.  Buy rice, pasta, and potatoes! Throw in a few vegetables and you'll save thousands of dollars.

3.) Global Warming: Methane gas is much more damaging to the environment than Carbon Dioxide, Methane gas that is produced by cows! Obviously we can't eliminate cows from the face of the planet, but if we stop raising beef to sustain 7 billion people, than there will be a lot less of them.  Raising livestock contributes to about 18% of all greenhouse gases where if you add up all the transportation worldwide (not just cars, but boats and planes and trains) then you get about 15%.

4.) World Hunger: On the same amount of land required to raise 100 lbs of beef, you can grow about 10,000 lbs of potatoes! 'nuff said.

PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES! Every day is election day! And you have as many votes as you like.  If Americans stop buying beef and dairy, they'll stop producing it! Supply and demand baby, supply and demand.  You have the power to change the world.  Don't wait another 4 years, because I promise that you'll probably be just as dissatisfied with whoever is on the ballot next time.

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