Friday, July 22, 2016

Work Therapy

It seems like everyone is longing for a get rich quick scheme. They dream of a time called retirement when finally they'll be able to relax.  They will do anything to avoid a 40 hour work week.  But I propose that a 40 hour work week brings more happiness than a million dollar winning lottery ticket.

I'm writing this post right after I woke up from a nap.  I took a nap because I was exhausted.  I was exhausted because I finished up a 2 day employment where I worked 30 hours. It was a construction job at the LDS temple in Los Angeles.  I arrived the first day at 6am and expected an 8 hour work day.  I was imagining being done at around 2pm, driving home and being able to attend institute. Instead I finished at 7:20pm got home around 9pm, ate dinner and went to bed.  I woke up at 3:30am again and drove to LA to be at work by 6am.  I worked until almost 11pm.  They thanked me for my work and then I drove home.  Probably a risky move since in the 2 days combined I had slept a grand total of 8 hours. But despite physical exhaustion, I was happier than I had been all summer.  Not because I suddenly had a lot of money, but because I felt accomplished.

As I was 20 feet in the air trying to hold a piece of plywood against some 2x4's and shoot nails in at the right spots extremely stressed because any slip up could damage an extremely valuable mural that was just a foot in front of me, I wasn't thinking about any of the mistakes I made this summer.  I wasn't worried about politics or drama, I was just focused on the task at hand.

At 10am each day we got our lunch break and that was all the food I'd eat in the entire work day.  Two peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, an applesauce, some dried mango, and some fruit snacks for dessert.  I eat more than that during one episode of Shark Tank on days where I don't get up and do anything at all! Even if your job isn't as physically demanding as construction, it can be very good for your health by taking you out of your home and away from your tv which has been proven to increase your eating.

I feel like this post is very scattered, like I said, I just woke up from a nap, but the point I wanted to make is, your 9-5 job can be the best therapy in the world if you allow it to be. If you are working a job and you just spend your time complaining about how much it sucks to have to work and that it's too demanding, then you're missing out on a very big blessing.  There are thousands of people that would give anything to be employed.  Search for the good things in your work.  Be happy that you have a job.  For those who are students, being in class can be equally therapeutic. It is your job in a sense to be a good student.  For those who have opted to not work in order to take care of children, allow that to be therapeutic for you.  Find inner strength to not settle for distracting your children and surviving each day.  Find things to accomplish, create projects and adventures with your children.

 My most miserable days are the days when I have been so free from obligation that I was able to sit in front of the television all day.  Some of the best days in my life, and probably my most consistent happiness is from my mission when I worked every day for two years. 10-9.  No vacations, no holidays, and no pay.

Happiness in life doesn't come from being able to survive while doing nothing, happiness comes from having the strength to do something every single day.

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